You love movies. Always have, always will. You wanted a job that brought you as close to movies as possible so you start working at the local theatre. However, working at the ticket counter is harder than you ever imagined. Bigger rewards await if you can prove your efficiency, but will you be able to?



Decode the orders, give customers the right tickets and make it through the day. Be ready for rush hours and a decent amount of maths. 


Drag and drop the tickets to the counter. Works well on both mobile and desktop. 

Please share you feedback, would mean the world to me. 


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Hey! Really enjoyed your game. Great exercise for mental arithmetic too :)

It would be convenient to have an undo button when giving the change. I had a little of a problem when pressing the money buttons, they didn't always "respond", maybe if they changed the colour when being pressed, it would be easier.

But all in all, I had lots of fun. Thank you!

Hey, thank you for playing and feedback. Means a lot. Was prototyping the core gameplay, will definitely take your feedback into account.